Presentation of our Advisory Board

Updated: Apr 30

At ClimatePoint we are very proud to introduce our experienced and highly skilled Advisory Board. To make sure that we always direct our investments into the most effective and impact driven companies we have gathered, in the board, some of the most leading experts in the field of finance and climate in Norway. The ClimatePoint Advisory Board shall help us indentify the most important sectors of the economy, businesses and funds where get the most climate impact per dollar invested. They will also continuously contribute to our methodology and criterias and give us the best advice so that ClimatePoint Carboncompensation 2.0 will be a transparent, effective and powerful contribution to the green transition.

In the next days and weeks we will present the Advisory Board members. First out is Erik Solheim.

"Investing in new technologies and climate solutions that can help companies solve emission challenges, within their own business, creates more enthusiasm and traction than offsets that does not directly help the company succeed in reaching its climate goals."

Erik Solheim is a well known global leader on environment and development as well as an experienced peace negotiator. He served as Norwegian minister of Environment and International Development from 2005-12. During that period he initiated the global program for conservation of rainforests and brought through game changing National legislation - among them the Biodiversity Act and legislation to protect Oslo city forests. He brought Norwegian development assistance to 1%, the highest in the world. Erik has been chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (the main body of world donors) as well as Executive Director of UN Environment. He led the peace efforts in Sri Lanka as the main negotiator of the peace process and played a vital role in peace efforts in Nepal , Myanmar and Sudan. Currently he is senior adviser at World Resources Institute and President of the Belt and Road Green Development Institute in Beijing. He serves as the CEO of the Plastic REVolution Foundation, an initiative by the Aker Group in Oslo. Erik is Chief Mentor of Global Alliance for Sustainable Planet, Chairman of the Board of Afroz Shah Foundation in Mumbai, adviser to April/RGE paper company in Indonesia and cochair of Treelion a green blockchain company in Hong Kong.

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