The climate problem is man-made – and only humans can solve it.


Who are we ?

ClimatePoint was established in 2019 in Oslo with the goal of improving climate compensation as we know it. What if we could get companies to invest in the solutions they themselves will need in the future? We call this Climate Compensation 2.0.


With climate experts and experienced financiers on the team, we have spent the last few years working with the world's foremost investor groups. Together with pilot customers such as Jernia and Sweco, we will start investing in autumn 2021 in the companies that want to - and can solve the climate crisis. 


Get in touch to see how we can together achieve the goals set in the Paris Agreement.

The team

We have a very exciting year ahead of us, looking for more committed people who share our vision. Whether you envision working in ClimatePoint or have suggestions for collaboration.

Nito comes from the role as Head of Digital at Arctic Securities and as a Senior Product Specialist at DNB Wealth Mgmt. He has 15 years of experience in finance and from the Norwegian Olympic Team in rowing.

Nito Simonsen

Team Principal

Nito Simonsen
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Christina has more than 8 years´

experience in private equity, equity research and corporate finance from North Sea Capital, DNB and Danske Bank. She holds a MSc in Applied Economics and Finance from CBS. 

Christina Lie

Chief Investment Officer

Christina Lie
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Tobias er en av

grunnleggerne i ClimatePoint og kommer fra rollen som seniorrådgiver i Footprint Consulting. Tobias har siden 2007 jobbet med klima som arbeidsfelt, deriblant gjennom flere polarekspedisjoner

Tobias Thorleifsson

Chief Environmental Officer

Tobias Thorleifsson
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Press contact
Tobias has four years of experience from the role as senior advisor at Footprint Consulting and has since 2007 worked with climate as a field of work, including through several polar expeditions.

Rolf has 7 years of sales/BD/project mgmt in shipping/ offshore industry, 4 years in Mgmt/ BD in SaaS Startups. Experience from sales from boats to offshore bases. Rolf is a dedicated sailor in summer and avid skier during the winter season. 

Rolf Petter Hærnes

Chief Business Dev. Officer

Rolf Petter Hærnes
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Mads is a founder and technology fan with experience from several start-up companies, including his own which he sold to Crayon in 2018.

Mads Nissen

Mads Nissen

Chief Technology Officer

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Max worked previously as a researcher at INATECH, assessing the environmental impacts of emerging technologies. He has a background in industrial ecology and is interested in all things green and science.

Max Koslowski

Max Koslowski
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Lead Data & Verification

Oda has experience within sales and communication. She previously worked for Innovation Support and has a bachelor's degree in marketing from BI.

Oda Allum Larsen

Sales & E-marketing

Oda Allum Larsen
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Peter Grinde-Hollevik

Associate Scholar UC Berkley

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Meet the Advisory Board

Senior adviser, World Resources Institute

Erik is a well known global leader on environment and development as well as an experienced peace negotiator. He served as Norwegian minister of Environment and International Development as well as Executive Director of UN Environment.


Meet the Board

Brita Staal - Chairwoman

Brita is a specialist in sustainability strategy and risk management, with a solid experience in the field from international work. She coordinates Protect Our Winters' (POW) international work.

  • 216394-256

Climate- and sustainability strategist SALT



Since 2021, ClimatePoint has comitted to the UN Global Compact and their principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

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