Climate Compensation 2.0

Large parts of the business sector have set tough climate targets, but for many industries it's almost impossible to cut under the Paris Agreement. Many people think that carbon offsets are businesses' only opportunity to compensate emissions and thus contribute to the green shift.

Now there is finally an alternative - ClimatePoint.

By giving companies the opportunity to invest in new solutions, we ensure more ownership in the green shift – and their own future. For many, therefore, the question is not how much they have to gain from it. But  if they can afford not to?

How it works:
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Set up your carbon accounts. Which measures could and should you undertake?

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Compensate the remainder of your company's emissions through ClimatePoint into ideas propelling the green transition.

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Access the portfolio of companies you invest in. Receive info materials and verified carbon reduction from our pilot project for your annual report. 

How we work:

In collaboration with the world's leading climate managers, ClimatePoint is working to verify and identify the best investments globally. Read more about our Advisory Board, the Board and partners here

We can never guarantee returns, because no one knows which technologies will succeed. What we do know is that without investments in new technology and emission-free forms of energy, we will not achieve the 2-degree target.

Do you want to take ownership in the green shift?