No company can solve the climate crisis on their own.

Through Climate Compensation 2.0,
we can invest in many of them.

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ClimatePoint gives companies the opportunity to invest in the solutions they themselves will need in the future.


Jernia and Sweco are already taking part in this autumn pilot project. We are now seeking more visonary companies that want to take ownerhip in the green shift. 

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Climate Compensation 2.0

Has your company climate compensated using quotas in the past? This is no different, it's the opportunities ahead that seperate the two: Through ClimatePoint companies get direct ownership of the green shift, the possibility of returns - and the technology needed to succeed in the future. 


Set up your carbon accounts. Which measures could and should you undertake?


Compensate the remainder of your company's emissions through ClimatePoint into ideas propelling the green transition.


Access the portfolio of companies you invest in. Receive material and verified carbon reduction from our pilot project to your annual report. 

The world needs to invest $3 trillion annualy to meet the climate goal.

And that's only for the energy sector. 

As the world's first company, we offer companies climate compensation in the form of investments. Only by creating more ownership in the green shift can we succeed in reaching the 1.5°C target, set in the Paris Agreement. And only by managing capital for innovative companies can we solve the difficult problems of today.

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ClimatePoint works with the world's foremost investor communities and climate experts to identify the companies that can make the biggest difference to the world - and ClimatePoint's members. 




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